It’s so sinfully delicious… because one serving is simply not enough. That’s why we are unrivalled!

We are the only bakeshop in Wellington specializing in gluten-free Sans Rival, a Filipino specialty cake traditionally made from alternating layers of rich buttercream and delectable meringue permeated with crunchy cashew nuts. From this base, Pasteleria Sans Rival has initially developed four exciting flavoursthat test the versatility of this unique dessert to its yummiest limits.

header 1~~ This Filipino dessert was inspired by the French dessert Dacquoise which was brought to the country by Filipino students who studied in France in the 1920s and 1930s. Both cakes share similar cooking techniques but slightly vary in the ingredients used.~~

We are continuously exploring different flavours and textures for the enjoyment of the discriminating palate of our customers.

We also offer Silvanas, the frozen cookie variation of Sans Rival cakes. One can never get enough of this cookie-sprinkled bite-sized version of Sans Rival.

CakesAs an artisan bakeshop, our sponge-based cakes are unique and exciting maintaining our promise of being unrivalled.

Our cakes and pastries are sure to add joy and excitement to any function or event you may have – from family gatherings such as reunions, birthdays and weddings, to corporate functions such as executive meetings, luncheons and dinner parties. They would also make great gifts to friends and loved ones celebrating milestones in their lives.